My philosophy of health is simply that

health returns when we re-align ourselves with

ancestral wisdom and evolutionary science


Ancestral & evolutionary wisdom


My philosophy of health is simply that health returns when we re-align ourselves with ancestral wisdom and evolutionary science.  We are uniquely adapted to thrive within the environmental and social milieu we have inhabited for millennia.  Evolutionary adaptation is a slow process, with the last one hundred years being an insignificant blink of an eye. Yet within this time period our environment, culture and lifestyle have experienced unprecedented changes… while our genes have not.


Our bodies have highly sophisticated mechanisms to deal with short term psychological and physical adversity, but with the constant stresses and toxins of modern life, these mechanisms are consistently overtaxed.  We are accumulating toxins faster than we can process them, and our nervous systems spend more time in “fight or flight” and not enough time in “rest, digest, detoxify, connect with others, and heal”.


The result has been a steady increase in chronic disease, and its acceptance as an unpleasant, but almost expected facet of our human experience.  According to the CDC, six out of every ten American adults have a chronic condition, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, kidney disease, depression, anxiety, etc.  Forty percent have two or more! *


Lifestyle & environment

Despite our acceptance of this unfortunate reality, it is quite well established that the majority of today’s chronic diseases are not in fact an inevitability due to genetics, but are instead attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors. 


This is great reason for hope!  Within the constraints of our individual circumstances, we each wield tremendous power to choose healthier options, actions, and mindsets which dramatically impact our health! 


Systems vs. Symptoms

Rather than focusing on specific symptoms, my approach is to craft an overall lifestyle which supports health.  The “dis-ease”, whatever name it bears, isn’t the cause of ill health.  The “dis-ease” is itself the symptom of a system that is out of balance - misaligned with nature and our genetics.  Once we re-align with ancestral and evolutionary wisdom, balance returns.  We begin to heal.


The Pillars of Health

The lifestyle strategies for health include optimizing food, sleep, and movement, relaxing the nervous system, cultivating positive mindset and habits, reconnecting with nature, reducing exposure to toxins, visualization, and spirituality.  I call these strategies the Pillars of Health.


When I view each of these overall strategies through the lens of ancestral and evolutionary wisdom, I am guided to the specific actions we can take to restore health.  I can easily see, for example, that fresh, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods make sense.  I can see that we were designed by nature to move our bodies.  I see that we evolved within an environment rich with natural light, and fresh clean air. 


The keystone concept in building my own health is that we are uniquely adapted to grow and heal only when our nervous system is in a calm, relaxed state.  One of the ways we achieve this is through harnessing the tremendous power of the mind to heal our body. 


The principles are universal, but everyone is unique.  We all come with different strengths and challenges.  I can help you find the strategies that give you the most leverage in transforming your own health.  Let’s get started!

Sources:  Accessed Jan 2020.

© 2020 by Kim Eabry, MPH