My philosophy is simply that health returns

when we re-align ourselves with ancestral and evolutionary wisdom.

Below are some of the tools that I and many others have found most helpful in transforming our health.  Let me help you find easy ways to incorporate these into your lifestyle!

The Pillars of Health

Calming the Nervous System


We are designed to grow and heal only when we are in  a calm, relaxed state.  This is a skill that can be learned by slowing down, being aware of our emotions and energy levels, pacing, and keeping a present moment focus.


Meditation, breathing practices, being in nature, stretching and other techniques help to reverse the effects of chronic stress.



Learn to prepare meals with fresh, high quality, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods.  Develop an eating plan for your special needs.



Explore enjoyable ways to move your body daily.  Start slow – it’s establishing the habit, and your new identity, that will keep you going!

Electromagnetic Radiation


Learn easy and inexpensive tips for the safer use of technology like cell phones, WiFi, and household wiring.



Seeing ourselves part of something larger and timeless - Nature, the Universe, Love - can help us gain perspective and feel supported.

Finding Meaning and Purpose


As energy permits, serving a purpose larger than ourselves, such as family, friends, community, or global causes can help us release our own worries and provide a sense of meaning and purpose that is linked to greater health and well-being. 



This is the biggest predictor of success!  Cultivate gratitude, including for yourself and your body, and recognize and leverage your strengths.  Identify limiting beliefs, unhelpful thought patterns, and negative self-talk, and re-wire new pathways in the brain.  Learn the skill of creating new habits – yes, you CAN change!



During sleep, our brain washes away toxins, and helps us process the day’s events. Discover easy day and nighttime strategies that support deep, restful sleep.

Reconnect with Nature


Discover the benefits of sensible sun exposure for the skin and eyes, going barefoot on the earth, and the soothing effects of “forest bathing"

Cleaning and Body Care


Discover simple, safer and effective solutions that support your health and the environment.



A growing body of research supports the transformative power of visualizing healing taking place, or imagining your future healthy self!  

Positive Peer Group


Actively seeking out and surrounding ourselves with people who are positive,  encouraging, who share our values, and teach us new skills and mindsets, lifts us to higher levels, especially during times of struggle.

© 2020 by Kim Eabry, MPH