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"Kim is the first person I consult when I have a health concern.  She always takes a sincere interest, and her response reflects her broad knowledge, thorough research, and personal experience.  


Her heartfelt dedication to promoting the health of body, mind and spirit through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle has been central to her life for decades.  


"Her deep understanding of the science is balanced by the tender care she brings to all her relationships.  


"It is with utter confidence in her integrity that I refer clients to her."

- Connie Batten, LMFT

"Kim's ability to listen and hold space without judgement is a gift.  I cannot say enough about her ability to make me feel heard and understood for my deep sensitivity.


"She is a true healer and an absolute expert in health and self care.  She beautifully combines her gift of intuition with science and a natural ability for investigation to get to the bottom of any issue with grace.  And I always feel that my own intuition and knowing is invited to the table when we talk.


"I feel confident with Kim by my side and I know I can count on her with all matters of health and wellness."

- Elyse Marie Kirk 

"After working with Kim as a client, she quickly became a colleague and a friend. 


"I am continually impressed at her ability to learn complex concepts on all sorts of topics relating to health and translate them into easy to understand actionable information. 


"She has the skills to refer to the science but takes the approach that science does not have all the answers.  I have found Kim to be deeply intuitive and that intuition has served her well on her own tireless healing journey. 


"I always feel motivated after talking with her about what she is doing for her own health."

- Anja Schiller, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist



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