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Kind Words...

"I experienced a collaboration with you that was powerful, respectful, open and authentic.


"I have felt more patient and relaxed with myself, more realistic about the challenges, and more successful in fulfilling my goals."


Annie – Entrepreneur


"Your ability to listen and hold space without judgement is a gift. 


"Your presence and reflections gave me entirely new perspectives, and I felt deeply held and supported in who I am.  My own intuition and knowing is always invited to the table when we talk. 


"Working with you has helped me keep away from negative self-talk and have more compassion for myself."



"I so appreciate that you took the time to find out how I think, and help me use that to my advantage.  You honored my non-linear process and supported me to explore unconventional ways of problem solving.  This made me more confident dealing with challenges. 


"Your patience and listening skills helped me realize that I needed a major restructuring of my life.  I began to see more clearly what my job was costing me.  Without your help, there is a good chance I would still be there!"


Yvonne, Retired Teacher

National Board Certified
Health and Wellness Coach NBC-HWC
and ADAPT Certified
Functional Health Coach A-CFHC 
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