Transform Your Health!

Let me help you transform your health so that you have the energy, focus and vitality to pursue your life’s dreams!

My philosophy

My philosophy is simply that health returns when we re-align with ancestral and evolutionary wisdom.  Rather than focusing on specific symptoms, my approach is to craft an overall lifestyle which supports health, including aspects such as food, sleep, movement, relaxing the nervous system, reducing exposure to toxins, and cultivating a healthy mindset and heartset.  My role is to support you in making healthy lifestyle changes.

Real change starts within...


It's more than knowing what to do - we all know we need to exercise, eat well and reduce stress.  It's about finding your why to keep you going even on days when you just don’t feel like it.  Maybe you want to be there for your family, or you want to wake up every day feeling energized, or to have the vitality to share your gifts with the world.

It’s also about how to create new habits that fit your unique lifestyle and setting meaningful and manageable goals, and measuring and celebrating success.  It’s about learning and practicing new skills that support your goals, like cooking, or meditation, and filling gaps in your knowledge. 

It’s not always easy, so most importantly, it’s about being kind to yourself and reaching out for help when you need support or accountability.


I know this from my own journey through chronic illness.

I am transforming my health, and so can you!


I welcome you...

I welcome you with complete acceptance & empathy wherever you are in your journey. 


I will make sure you feel heard, understood, and respected.  You are a capable person with strengths you can leverage to achieve your vision.  You have what it takes to change!  I will help you cultivate the confidence to learn new skills and instill new habits.  My role is to ask questions, use active listening, and intuition to help you create and meet your own goals.


I have been through this, and I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.  The principles are universal, but everyone is unique.  I can help you identify the changes in habits and mindset which will have the largest impact in your own life.  And I can help you figure out how to integrate these tools into your personal lifestyle. 


I can support you every step of the way...


My education, my knowledge about health and personal growth, my research skills, my own experience, and my compassion are at your service.   

We’re in this together!

© 2020 by Kim Eabry, MPH