My goal is to help you transform your health

so that you have the energy, focus and vitality

to pursue your life’s dreams.

My passion


I am a health coach and a devoted life learner - always expanding my knowledge and making connections among ideas and concepts.  I love “translating” the scientific literature into practical ideas and healthy behaviors.  And I love seeing how often this corresponds to the wisdom handed down by ancient traditions around the world. 


I am especially fascinated with the psychology of behavior change and the science of happiness and well-being, and how we can harness the power of our mind, our heart, and our environment to help us create and maintain a healthy, fulfilling life. And I love that seemingly small, incremental changes, over time, compound to big results!

My own health challenges


Like nearly everyone today, I have been touched by health issues.  My mother died of breast cancer at the age of 53.  This was a pivotal moment for me, losing someone so close.  I was studying for my Master's in Public Health, so I threw myself into researching what may have contributed to her disease - I wanted to know how to protect myself and others.  This was the beginning of my health quest.


Later, I turned my research skills towards my own health challenges.  These have included chronic yeast infections, and frequent colds and bacterial infections.  Heavy metal toxicity.  A serious mold exposure causing fevers, chemical sensitivity, and an ongoing sensitivity to everyday mold exposures.  And finally, overwhelming fatigue, and sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from things like cell phones, WiFi, and household electricity.  A ssociated symptoms included anxiety, hormonal imbalances, difficulty sleeping and restless legs.

My transformation...


In so many ways, I am healthier now than I have ever been.  While I am still rebuilding my stamina, many things have changed in my mindset, my behaviors, and my body. 

My diet has expanded to include many healthy foods that previously would have triggered symptoms.  And while I treasure our family’s low toxicity home and lifestyle for the long-term health benefits, I no longer have symptoms from chemical or electromagnetic exposures on my trips to town, or from everyday mold exposures.  I rarely get a cold, and if I do it is very mild.

I pay attention to my energy and pace my activities - no more boom and bust.  I am more relaxed, able to get some distance from regret and anxiety, resulting in greater energy and focus.

A s an eternal optimizer, there are so many things I am still working to improve!  I think of health as a journey with lots of landmarks to be celebrated, but no final destination.   After all, circumstances in our life and environment change, requiring us to learn new skills and grow.

Let me help you jumpstart your healing!


My journey was based on trial and error.  Some ideas sounded promising, but didn’t have much impact.  Some even caused setbacks.  Others were like pivot points, moving me quickly in the right direction.  Knowing what I know now, the journey could have been a lot shorter. 


That’s why I want to help you jumpstart your health with my knowledge and experience.  The principles are universal, but each of us is unique – our bodies, our lifestyle, our environment .  I can help you find what works best for you.  Let’s get started!

© 2020 by Kim Eabry, MPH